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Loved Ones Pass, Now You Must Deliver The Eulogy Speech

6 Eulogy Themes

Before you start to write your speech think only a little about what you want to say.

I found personally, following the death of my father, that I needed to just go for a walk to mull over what I wanted to say.

There are the obvious themes explored in funeral and eulogy speeches, perhaps best categorized as :

Life history
A short summary of someone’s life. These speeches are often fascinating as reveal a side to the deceased that was not always known by everyone, and helps to bring moments of happiness and surprise at a time of great sadness.

Rememberance tribute
Focusing on bringing out some of the highlights or achievements in somebody’s life. This is the form often adopted in many obituaries in the newspaper for example.

Shared memories
This is a personal insight not into the life of the deceased, much more so than for example discussing life history. Shared memories are often very personal, and would focus upon the specific memories that you shared with the deceased. These are often very touching, but contrary to many believes can often be the most emotionally challenging as it relies on you sharing your most treasure moments.

REally defines what an individual has achieved and accomplished in their lifetime, and what they are leaving behind, and what exists because of them. Very often children, changed lives, completed projects, charitable donations etc.,.

It's often described as the greatest example of legacy, and can be read on the tomb of Sir Christomer Wren tomb in St Paul’s Cathedral. Where the stuation reads, “if you require a monument, look around you”.

Often one's strongest "crutch" in times of grief is found in the beauty of the arts, most specially in poems and verse. In many newspaper obituaries for example Margaret, as indeed on graves and on tombstones themselves, most people use several lines of poetry as a means of expressing their feelings.

When special passages, texts, or words already expressed by an author seem most relevant, fitting, and apt.

I know that it is extremely difficult and emotionally draining time in thought of the oncoming funeral, but if I may suggest try to just simply write down some of your thoughts perhaps to the points above and leave it there for today. Don't try to be too structured. Too precise. Or too definite. express your feelings to the points.

Our subconscious is a powerful thing and allows us to think through thoughts often without really realizing it.

You'll find that tomorrow your thoughts and wishes of what you would like to say are much clearer and the basis of your eulogy will be forming.

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